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Provide your Customers with a Micronutrient Boost

Talc USA high grade premium 200 micron grind Talc for seed application.

Why use Talc USA’s Talc?
• Fortified with .7% Iron and .9% Manganese by volume for increase in yield and
plant health.
• Eliminates planter issues due to premium grade talc.

Talc USA has user-friendly sizes to meet the needs of every dealer and farmer
• 10 lb. plastic container with molded handle and wide mouth EZ shake cover
• 20 lb. EZ store pail with handle and hinged lid includes Measuring Cup
• 50 lb. paper bag for commercial treaters and large volume dealers

Talc Products - Talc USA

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All of our talc is fortified with a micro-nutrient package.

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