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Agricultural Use

Talc USA provides high grade premium talc for seed application purposes.

We take pride in the fact that the owners of Talc USA have agricultural backgrounds. These agricultural backgrounds help us integrate innovative ideas that the farmer brings to us. Our product includes a micronutrient package with a guaranteed analysis of .7% Iron(Fe) and .9% Manganese(Mn). Talc USA believes that farmers are the pioneers of new ideas and it’s these ideas that we want to build on. Then we are able to bring these ideas forward as a product we can be proud of and one you can be confident in.

Why talc?

  • Talc is recommended by equipment manufacturers.
  • Talc decreases static electricity in vacuum planters and air seeders.
  • Talc is an exceptional lubricant for seed meters.
  • Talc will eliminate bridging in seed tenders and seed boxes if applied after seed treatments.
  • Talc enhances seed flowability to help provide an even stand in your field.

Use Talc USA talc with corn seed, cotton seed, soybean seed or peanut seed.  Or try our 80/20 talc and graphite blend for optimal planting results.

We hope you enjoy our user friendly products.  We always enjoy receiving any suggestions or recommendations.  Please take a look at our dealer locations to see if there is one near you.  If we don’t have a distributor in your area, maybe you would like to become a Talc USA dealer or supplier.  You can register online.

Positive Effects of Talc

The following charts show an example of the positive effects of using talc on treated seed with a cell type vacuum disk. The measurements shown are the release time between seeds coming off the seed disk.

Seed properly treated with talc releases from the seed disk more consistently, leading to more accurate spacing when the seed is placed in the ground.

Talc Graph - Talc USA

Talc Products

Click the image below to view our line of Talc Products

Talc Products - Talc USA

Talc Test Results

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