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Green Cup - Hugoton KS - Talc USA - Page ND

Left to Right- Marcus Amerin (AI Parts Manager), Gabe Baeza (AI Location Manager), Peter Friesen, Alan Stoddard, Brian Shelton, Isaac Friesen, Rodney Kelling, Mike Smith, Lee Wheeler, Lewis Wheeler, Steve Johnson (Talc USA Owner), Clint Welch (Regional Sales Representative, Talc USA).

The Stevens County Fire Department was awarded a $2,500.00 donation from Talc USA, Wheeler Farms and American Implement. Lee and Lewis Wheeler of Wheeler Farms were in for a big surprise when employee, Mike Hooker opened their new bucket of Talc USA, purchased from American Implement. Inside was a green cup with a gold engraved placard congratulating him on winning their Green Cup Promotion and instructing him to return the cup to the point of purchase.

After contacting Marcus Amerin, American Implement Parts Manager, to report that a special green cup had been found in the Talc, Lee and Lewiswere thrilled to learn that they had won $500 in parts merchandise from American Implement and a $2,000 donation to a local charity/program ofAmerican Implement’s choice.  Together with American Implement, Wheeler Farms decided they wanted to donate to the Stevens County Fire Department and graciously asked if they could also donate their $500 voucher to the Fire Department. The check was presented to Rodney Kellingwith the Stevens County Fire Department on Thursday, July 27th at the American Implement location in Hugoton, Kansas.

During each packaging season, Talc USA places three green cups in individual pails of their 20lb pails of talc annually. Talc USA’s Green Cup promotion is their way of giving back to the community and to say thank you to the dealers and farmers using their products.

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