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Alabama Green Cup - Talc USA

Lauderdale County farmer Will Sandy was in for a big surprise when he opened his new bucket of Talc USA graphite, purchased from TriGreen Equipment. Inside was a green cup with a gold engraved placard congratulating him on winning their Green Cup Promotion and instructing him to return the cup to the point of purchase.

After bringing the green cup to the TriGreen Equipment dealership in Leighton, AL, Sandy soon discovered that not only had he won $500 in parts merchandise from TriGreen Equipment, but also a $2,000 donation to the non-profit/school agricultural program of his choice. Mr. Sandy decided to donate the money to the Lauderdale County 4-H Club. The checks were presented to Mr. Sandy and representatives of the County’s Extension Service on Friday, August 12th at the TriGreen Equipment dealership in Leighton, AL.

During each packaging season, Talc USA places a select number of green cups in individual pails of their 20lb pails of graphite. Mr. Sandy is the first Green Cup winner in the Southeast region this year. Talc USA’s Green Cup promotion is their way of giving back to the community and to say thank you to the dealers and farmers using their products. Through their Green Cup Promotion, Talc USA has donated over $20,000 to communities and farmers in the past 5 years.

Tri Green Equipment - Leighton AL - Green Cup Award - Talc USA - Page ND

Pictured above from left to right: Steve Johnson, Talc USA; Ethan Anderton, TriGreen Equipment; Mark Heard, Talc USA; Will Sandy, Green Cup Winner; Greg Mann, TriGreen Equipment; Sarah Wilcoxson, 4-H member, Horse & Archery; Allie Wilcoxson, 4-H member, Archery, Robotics & Leadership; Corey Hill, Talc USA; Jake Peden, 4-H member, Pig Squeal and Chick Chain; Gracie Matthews, 4-H member, Archery & Shotgun; Grace Watkins, 4-H member, Archery; Luke Peden, 4-H member, Chick Chain & Sport Fishing; Carter Azbell, 4-H member, Shotgun & Rifle; Summer Peden, 4-H member, leadership; Janet Lovelady, Lauderdale County 4-H; Brian Matthews, Lauderdale 4-H Shooting Sports Coach; Jakob Nichols, 4-H member, Shotgun & Rifle.

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