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Inceptive Logo - Talc USA - Page ND
  • Special Dry Formula
  • Proven Technology
  • Backed by Science
  • A partnership with Plant Health Care
  • Easy to Apply
  • Low Use, High Concentrated Product
  • Designed to Mix with Both 20lb Talc or 80/20 Talc

5 years of test results, over 40 trials at several stations and states have concluded a 3.2 bu per acre increase in yield!

Mixing Inceptive with Talc

Inceptive Product

Click the image below to view our Inceptive Product.

Inceptive Product - Talc USA - Page ND

Inceptive Label

Click the image below to view our Inceptive Product label.

Plant Health Care Press Release

Click the image below to view a press release from Plant Health Care.

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