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Field Bean Inoculant

  • 5 LB Container Dry Inoculant designed to be mixed with Talc USA 20 lb or Talc USA 80/20 talc
  • Treats Approximately 160 Acres per Container
  • Contains Rhizobium Etli, Rhizobium Tropici, and Azospirillum Brasiliense
  • Freeze Thaw Technology
  • Two-Year Shelf Life
  • No Extender Needed
  • Treated Seed Good For 90 Days
  • Test results show an increase in yields.

Pinto Beans

2017 Average Test Results Using MICROSURGE DRY

Yuma, CO Control MicroSURGE with Micronutrient Talc Average Increase Revenue per Acre Increase
Average Pound/ Acre Yield 1129.4 1370.71 241.31 $47.70

Based on $0.21 per Pound Price
Approximate cost per acre including talc is $2.98/acre

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