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Corey Hill - National Sales Director - Talc USA

Chief Operating Officer

Corey Hill has always had a place in his heart for the Midwest. He was raised in a small town in North Central Nebraska and went to college in Kearny, Nebraska. After college he went into sales and has been working in micronutrients for the last 17 years. For the past 8 years, Corey has worked hard in building relationships with dealers and farmers to help them succeed. Corey is going into his 9th year of working for Talc USA.

Sales Territory

Corey Hill - North Western Sales Area - Talc USA
Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska
Keith Hochgraber - North Central Sales - Talc USA

North Central Sales

Keith Hochgraber began his career as a teacher, a farmer and then went on to become the parts manager for Galesburg Implement and Hunter Equipment for 26 years. After “retirement” from the parts counter, he joined Talc USA. Keith has used his experience gained to help dealers and farmers become more aware of ways that they can be most effective. Keith is going into his 7th year of working for Talc USA.

Sales Territory

Keith Hochgraber - North Central Sales Area - Talc USA
North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa
Clint Welch - South Central Sales - Talc USA

South Central Sales

Clint Welch was raised on a small cattle ranch in Oklahoma. He attended college for Farm and Ranch Management. After that, Clint spent 12 years working as a Massey Ferguson factory trained technician. For the last 25 years, Clint has worked in the manufacturing sector working on production process improvement and optimization along with product quality control, development, and customer service. Clint is going into his 4th year of working for Talc USA.

Sales Territory

Clint Welch - South Central Sales Area - Talc USA
Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California
John Drury - Eastern Sales - Talc USA

Eastern Sales

John Drury was raised on a small farm in Northern Minnesota. While in high school he started his own business and went to college in Bolivar, Missouri. John loves working with people and has learned excellent customer service and relations skills. In his years of working in small business and quality control, he has learned the value of listening to his customers and helping solve their challenges. John is going into his 3rd year of working for Talc USA.

Sales Territory

John Drury - Eastern Sales Area - Talc USA
Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York
Laurens Robinson - International Business - Talc USA

International Business

Laurens Robinson grew up in South Africa and worked for a multi-national pharmaceutical company after earning his Bachelor of Animal Science degree from the University of Pretoria. Shortly after moving to the United States, he joined Odyssey Healthcare, a national provider of hospice services based in Dallas, TX. He joined CH Trade in 2006 and has traveled extensively around the globe assisting companies with expanding their international business. He enjoys building relationships and finding common ground in order to enable global business. Talc USA and CH Trade joined forces in 2018 to expand internationally.

Sales Territory

Lauren MacNamara - Canadian Sales Area - Talc USA
Canada, Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, Europe
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