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“I used Talc USA’s Micro nutrient talc for the first time in 2013. I was skeptical so I put plain talc in 12 rows of my planter and Talc USA’s talc with micro nutrients in 12 rows on a whole pivot of corn. At harvest time you could see a yield bump every 12 rows where the Talc USA’s talc had been used. Every 12 rows throughout the whole field. Needless to say I became a believer in the product and use only Talc USA’s talc on my entire farm now. In the 2016 growing season I received a 9 bushel an acre bump every 12 rows using the new MicroSurge product. I am sold and will use the MicroSurge product on all my farm next year. With the low price it’s offered at I can’t afford not to!”

Jason Klein - Testimonial - Talc USA - Page ND“I was very satisfied with the MicroSurge Small grain results with my increase in wheat protein. I as well, have noticed an increase in root structure on my corn field with the use of MicroSurge Corn. I will use MicroSurge on my entire farm next year! The price is very affordable!”

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