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Talc USA

Your Simple Solution to an Even Stand

To our existing dealers and to all the new dealers, we appreciate your business and look forward to earning your trust.

Talc USA headquarters are located in Page, North Dakota. Additionally, we have a Southern warehouse and distribution site located in Stratford, OK. As we enter our eighth year of business we look forward to expanding our territories to make our high quality All-American products available to as many producers as possible. Farmers today are more in tune with trying to achieve more revenue on a per acre level than ever before. This is accomplished with site specific technology pertaining to seed placement, fertilizer placement, and micronutrient use, as well as the use of inoculants. Talc USA has entered into this market by providing our dealers with products that no other company has available! Our micronutrient fortified talc, Seed Catcher, MicroSurge Inoculants and Inceptive are all the best quality products on the market.

In eight years, we have grown from 20 dealer locations in North Dakota and Minnesota to over 1200 dealerships in 26 states. We’ve accomplished this by listening to the farmer’s needs, and providing the highest industrial grade talc available to the market, 100% made in the USA. We have made a commitment not to import our talc from China or India like other competitors, but to source our premium talc from a mine in Montana. Everything we provide right down to the measuring cup in our pails is made in the USA, and we are very proud to say that!

The great customer service you have come to expect from us is a focal point we stand on. With that in mind, we have expanded our product line this year. After several years and a large investment in research, we are excited to introduce three new products to our product line. MicroSurge Small Grain Inoculant, Inceptive, and Effusion. MicroSurge small grain has not only shown to increase protein by .75 to 2 points, but has proven to increase yields as well. Inceptive, which was developed by Plant Health Care, is now offered to you through Talc USA. Inceptive is a Harpin protein that enhances a plants immune system and is available for corn through Talc USA. This product has been shown to increase yields through extensive testing over several years. We also are making available Effusion a wax based low use seed lubricant alternative. These are all unique products only available to our dealers!

All of us at Talc USA are committed to providing the best customer service available to the market. We are looking forward to working with you in 2017. Talc USA wants to thank you for your business!


Steve Johnson – Owner

Mission Statement:

Talc USA was founded on the belief that we could help the American farmer increase revenue per acre by fortifying products with new technology, and keeping these products 100% made in the USA. We strive to provide our end users with a knowledgeable dealer network that truly believes in our products and is excited to learn and pass this technology to the farmer with value and price in mind. Through research and investment we will continue to bring our dealers and farmers new and innovative products to market. This is not only our mission, but our commitment!

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